Consumer Specialty Products

100% Rice Bran Oil Products

Riceland's Fish Fry Oil and Turkey Fry Oil are specially formulated from rice bran oil produced in Stuttgart, Arkansas.

One of the World's Healthiest Oils

Rice bran oil contains vitamins and antioxidents. Each serving is trans fat free and cholesterol free. Studies have shown that rice bran oil can help lower cholesterol. It is also naturally gluten free.

Perfect for Deep Frying

Riceland's Fish Fry Oil and Turkey Fry Oil have a very high smoke point allowing for cooking at higher temperatures and still having a long fry life. Due to its light viscosity, less oil is absorbed into the food during cooking.

Riceland Blended Soy-Peanut Fry Oil

A durable, high temperature deep frying oil because of its natural stability. Its unique flavor enhances fried foods, and it's heavy duty in order to prevennt flavor transfer.