Riceland's edible oil refinery produces a wide range of oils

Specially formulated from Rice Bran Oil and produced in Stuttgart, Arkansas from rice grown in Arkansas and Missouri by our family farmers.

Our Oil Products

One of the World's Healthiest Cooking Oils

From Bulk tanks to one gallon jugs, Riceland prides itself on delivering the best quality and healthiest cooking oil options. Riceland cooking oils contains vitamins and antioxidants. Each serving is trans fat free and cholesterol free. Studies have shown that Riceland cooking oils can help lower cholesterol. They are also naturally gluten free.

Uses for Our Products

  • Snack Foods

    Perfect for chips, crackers or any other crispy goodness.

  • Specialty Applications

    For sautéing foods or other healthy butter alternatives.

  • Prepared Foods

    Par-fried or fried foods are always better with Riceland's ingredient oils.

  • Bakeries

    Shortening and Bread Pan oils for use in baking breads or donuts.

  • Salad Oil

    Sauces, dressings, and even BBQ sauce can benefit from Riceland cooking oils.